Smart-consumption of food is coming to Dubai starting next year


Residents and tourists will be able to scan their food for nutritional information and track the products from farm to fork.

Posted on Apr 13 ,14:37

Smart-consumption of food is coming to Dubai starting next year

The Dubai Municipality had launched the Food Watch digital platform since November to digitalise food safety and nutritional information of all food items. The smart platform is at a stage of collecting data and it will start to operate early next year.
Using an app and the website, residents and tourists will be able to find information about the nutritional value of the product they want to purchase and adapt their diet. Schools are also expected to benefit from the smart platform by July where parents will be able to monitor what their children eat at school and separate meal plans, informs Salaam Gateway.

"The platform is a full system that will take a while to gather data for it to be inclusive. While it will be implemented in stages, we expect it to be functional by 2020 in digitally monitoring the food coming into eateries using smart technology and helping consumers make their own dietary choices," said Bobby Krishna, food safety specialist at the Dubai Municipality.
The revolutionary system will register also the food establishments in Dubai to help suppliers prove their credibility through providing the process of food manufacturing.

Sultan Al Tahir, head of food inspection section in the food safety department of the Dubai Municipality, said the customised platform will help food businesses identify and manage food safety risks more precisely, in addition to food inspectors who can track which restaurant to inspect more often.

"Food safety management systems have been largely paper-based and it costs food industry and the government enormous time and resources. Food Watch will transform this by building trust around digital, permanent and auditable record-keeping. Every person-in-charge of food establishment will get smart applications to manage daily food safety check," said Taher.

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