The global duck and goose meat consumption will grow to 8 million tonnes


In 2018, Hungary, Hong Kong, France, Poland, and China were the main exporters in this segment, while Germany was the world's largest importer

Posted on Sep 19 ,07:44

The global duck and goose meat consumption will grow to 8 million tonnes

The global duck and goose meat market will experience moderate growth in the next 7 years thanks to increased demand for this type of poultry meat from the Asian countries. According to a new report from Index Box, the global duck and goose meat market revenue amounted to $19 billion in 2018. This figure reflects the total revenues of producers and importers (excluding logistics costs, retail marketing costs, and retailers’ margins, which will be included in the final consumer price). In top 3 consuming countries, China ranks first with 5.5 million tonnes of duck and goose meat and a market share of 76%. It is followed by France, with a total consumption of 203,000 tonnes and Myanmar 174,000 tonnes.
According to the report, in China, duck and goose meat consumption increased at an average annual rate of +2.2% over the period from 2007-2018. The remaining consuming countries recorded the following average annual rates of consumption growth: France (-2.4% per year) and Myanmar (+7.4% per year).
Analysts are expecting an increase of market volume to 8 million tonnes by the end of 2025 as the CAGR predicted for the next 7 years is at +1.6%. In 2018, the global duck and goose meat production amounted to 7.2M tonnes, surging by 3.3% against the previous year.
The country with the largest volume of duck and goose meat production was China (5.5 million tonnes), accounting for 76% of total production and practically covering the demand in the domestic market, followed by France (233,000 tonnes) and Myanmar (174,000 tonnes).
Last year, the amount of duck and goose meat exported worldwide stood at 306,000 tonnes. The total export volume increased at an average annual rate of +2.0% over the period from 2007 to 2018, with the most prominent rate of growth recorded in 2018, with an increase of 18% compared to the previous year.
In value terms, duck and goose meat exports totaled $1.3 billion in 2018. The world's largest exporter was Hungary, with a volume of 60,000 tonnes of duck and goose meat, followed by Hong Kong (55,000 tonnes), France (48,000 tonnes), Poland (40,000 tonnes) and mainland China (35,000 tonnes). The top is completed by Bulgaria (13,000 tonnes), the Netherlands (10,000 tonnes), Germany (8,500 tonnes), the UK (5,8 tonnes) and Thailand (5,100 tonnes).
In value terms, the largest duck and goose meat markets worldwide were Hungary ($309 million), France ($307 million) and Poland ($161 million), together covering 61% of global exports.
The world's largest import markets for duck and goose meat are Germany (64,000 tonnes) and Taiwan (53,000 tonnes), France (19,000 tonnes) and the UK (14,000 tonnes), accounting for 55% of total imports. They are followed by Spain (9,600 tonnes), Hong Kong (9,400 tonnes), Denmark (7,100 tonnes), the Netherlands (7,100 tonnes), Belgium (7,100 tonnes), Japan (5,800 tonnes), Vietnam (5,300 tonnes) and the Czech Republic (4,700 tonnes). In terms of price, in 2018, the most profitable market for duck and goose was Belgium, $8,398 per tonne, while Taiwan had the lowest price ($1,839 per tonne) among these importing countries. The average duck and goose meat import price amounted to $4,185 per tonne, increasing by 2.1% against the previous year.

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