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Turkey and Israel, the main importers of livestock from Australia


The Middle East market is disputed between Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Romania and Portugal.

Posted on Feb 10 ,11:00

Turkey and Israel, the main importers of livestock from Australia

Australian cattle producers have two important markets in Middle East region represented by Turkey and Israel. Last year, the two countries have bought 36,555 live animals (Turkey) and 27,797 head (Israel). The figures represent a small increase in Turkey livestock imports from Australia and a serious decrease in the volume taken by Israel, announced Meat&Livestock Australia (MLA) in a snapshot dedicated to exports in MENA region.

Also, a smaller volume of livestock was shipped to Qatar, Kuwait and UAE. In 2017, Australia exported some small numbers of beef and dairy breeder live cattle to UAE and Kuwait, 358 and 255 head respectively. In the past two years, Australia's key competitors in the MENA live cattle market were Brazil, Uruguay, Romania and Portugal - particularly to significant importing countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and Jordan - and to a smaller extent Ireland, Ukraine and Chile. Some EU countries increased the exports of livestock to the Middle East region as the subsidies for milk quotas were cancelled in Europe and the trend is going to continue for a few years, according to the latest outlook on EU Agricultural sector.

(Photo source: Pixabay)

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