Turkey looks to import beef from Paraguay


In May, an audit mission will be sent to the South-American country to inspect the plants.

Posted on Feb 18 ,11:34

Turkey looks to import beef from Paraguay

Turkey intends to open the market for Paraguayan beef and an audit mission has already established in May to inspect and certify the processing plants. With a population of more than 80 million people, Turkey needs to import beef to cover the gap between production (1.4 million tonnes) and domestic demand (1.5 million tonnes). Until now, Turkey imported beef from several European countries and Brazil but Paraguayan beef looks to have the advantage of price.
Paraguay ended 2019 with a turnover of $1,023 million for the beef exported, a decline of 5.9% compared to the year before. This is the second consecutive year with a downward turnover for the beef industry in Paraguay, according to data issued by the National Animal Quality Service (Senacsa).
The situation was created by a drop in both volumes exported and the value of the Paraguayan beef in the international market.

In 2019, 247,168 tonnes were exported for a total of $1,023 million ($4,138.5 per ton). While in 2018, 257,415 tonnes worth $1,087 million ($4,217.2) were sent to the markets and in 2017 258,232 tonnes for $1,102 million ($4,268) were placed. In the last decade, the most relevant billing was achieved in 2014 with a total income of $1,245 million, after exporting 268,940 tonnes ($4,629), also the largest record for the industry. Full access in the Turkish beef market comes with high duties but, occasionally, the Turkish government holds tenders to buy duty-free red protein, or with a smaller percentage, to balance the market and domestic consumption. 

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