US pork still strong in the Mexican market but Canadian imports are rising


Between January and November 2018, shipments of Canadian pork to Mexico jumped 22.5% to nearly 139,000 tonnes.

Posted on Mar 28 ,08:18

US pork still strong in the Mexican market but Canadian imports are rising

Mexico has produced 1,5 million tonnes of pork last year, 4.7% more than in 2017, but is still dependent on imports, especially ham from the US. Despite the fact that the Mexican government has imposed retaliatory tariffs on US pork, imports from the neighbouring country fell just 1% to 717,000 tonnes between January and November 2018. Nonetheless, the value has plunged by 11% compared to the figures registered in the first 11 months of 2017.
As of 2017, the US held 86% market share of total pork and pork variety meat imports in Mexico, followed by Canada (13%), and Chile (<1%).
However, in 2018, it is possible that the US lost market share in favour of Canada. Canadian pork exports to Mexico have grown by 22.5% between January and November 2018, according to a market report issued by Genesus.
On the other hand, there are signs that Mexico is increasing its pork production this year to respond to both the domestic market and exports. "This year's production has already started with bullish figures, in the first two months of 2019 there have been 254,753 tonnes, 6.8% more than the same period of 2018, and 29% more than those first two months of 2012", said Fernando Ortiz Hermida, Ibero-America Business Development Manager for Genesus.
The Mexican pork industry has a swine inventory of 17.2 million pigs and just over 1 million sows in production. " Is important to highlight that almost 70% of the pork production was made in only five states: Jalisco, Sonora, Puebla, Yucatan and Veracruz, which together contributed 1,047,349 tonnes last year. The Sonora’s pork production, however, was the one that marked a positive expansion of 8.9%. Sonora’s pig production is leaded by Duroc on its way oriented to the Japanese market", explains Fernando Ortiz Hermida.


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