Ukraine still holds three important markets for its pork


More than 1,000 tonnes of pork were exported in the first half of the year, with Vietnam receiving 46% of that volume.

Posted on Jul 16 ,06:04

Ukraine still holds three important markets for its pork

Despite the fact that Ukraine is one of the European countries affected by the African Swine Fever virus, pork exports are still in place. The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine (SFSU) recently announced that during the first half of the year pork exports have totaled 1,006 tonnes (-7.6%) worth $2.37 million (-4.7%).
The main destination for Ukraninan pork was Vietnam, who received 467.7 tonnes worth $1.1 million, followed by UAE, with 301.5 tonnes worth $709,000 and Hong Kong, 136 tonnes worth $320,000. Exports to other countries in the world have reached a volume of 100.8 tonnes worth $237,000.
The ASF virus is present in 12 provinces of Ukraine and there are almost 6 years since the first outbreak was reported. Most of the pig meat produced in the country is consumed in the domestic market. Nevertheless, during the first six months of 2019, Ukraine imported 11,100 tonnes (+32.7%) of pork worth $20.7 million (+34.6%).

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