Vietnam culls 40,000 pigs to fight ASF

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Almost 199 villages and small cities have reported outbreaks in the last three weeks.

Posted on Sep 09 ,04:59

Vietnam culls 40,000 pigs to fight ASF

43,150 pigs, the equivalent of 2,157 tonnes of meat, have been culled and destroyed in Vietnam in an attempt to stop the ASF virus from spreading. In the last three weeks, outbreaks have been confirmed in 199 villages and small cities in the provinces of Lang Son, Cao Bang and Bac Kan, reported the Vietnam News Agency, citing sources from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
Outbreaks of ASF are often found in backyard farms that do not guarantee safety conditions, said the Pham Van Dong, head of the ministry's Animal Health Department.
Total spending for preventing and combating African swine fever in Vietnam, including central budget funds and local budgets, together with funds supported by banks and credit institutions, reached more than 13 trillion Vietnamese dongs ($565 million) in July this year.
According to OIE, 160 new outbreaks of African swine fever were reported worldwide between August 21 and September 3, compared to 284 cases verified in the previous survey. The total number of outbreaks in progress rose from 7,130 to 7,191, with 3,733 in Romania alone and another 1,472 in Vietnam. Of the new outbreaks, 192 were reported in several European countries and another 23 in Asia.

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