Poland expects pig herd contraction in the following months

A reduction in sow herd was already reported in farms and piglet imports from Denmark have droppe...

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Brazilian halal poultry exports continue to grow

In the first two months of the year, volumes exported to Islamic countries have increased by 5.17...

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Global production of meat advanced to 340 million tons in 2021

The poultry segment experienced the highest growth, according to an OECD study.

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Turkey restricts red meat exports

Prices in the domestic market have increased by almost 50% in the last few months, as an effect o...

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UK sheep inventory close to recent historic levels

The breeding flock in the Kingdom has increased by 3% last year, despite a contraction reported i...

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RAPS: New Magic Marinades bring variety to the barbecue

Magic Marinades deliver a tasty, completely palm-free barbecue experience

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The Irish poultry market is facing a major crisis

"There is a strong possibility that shelves will be empty in the supermarkets as farmers won’t co...

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Canadian beef cow herd continues to decline

Producers in Western Canada are challenged by high feed costs, limited feed availability, and ext...

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US Easter egg supplies at risk

Pandemic, Higher Costs and Avian Flu are factors that contribute to the turbulence reported in th...

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Spanish poultry prices up 12%, breeders not content with it

The association that defends farmers is accusing large integrated companies to increase their mar...

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