NZ may set a record for the value of the beef exported

Beef export receipts are expected to pass NZ $4 billion (US $2.5 billion) for the first time, lif...

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UK beef lose value in export markets

Prices were down 23% in March due to the coronavirus pandemic and its effect on demand and trade.

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Irish beef farmers urge Govt to follow the Belgian model

"There is a real danger that we are being left behind", complains IFA President Tim Cullinan.

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Argentinian beef sector takes a hit from the EU foodservice closure

Exports to China are losing traction as well, according to figures reported for the first quarter...

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High demand for beef leaves empty shelves in US stores

"The empty store shelves aren’t an indicator of a food shortage, but rather a demand problem," be...

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Australia reports increased meat sales in retail

"Buy local" campaign contributed to domestic butcher sales surging by about 39% for beef.

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Spanish beef enters new big Asian market

Filipino government granted access for beef products from Spain after three-year negotiation.

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US cattle industry is facing huge losses

The total beef cattle industry impact of COVID-19 is an estimated loss of $13.6 billion in total ...

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Global beef production in decline

Major players in this market are to face uncertainties in trade and a drop in imports due to the ...

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Miratorg enters the Chinese beef market with high-quality products

The first batch of 200 tonnes has been sent at the beginning of this month.

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