Beef markets across the globe are still suffering

Restrictive measures applied for meat processing plants and a slow recovery of the foodservice ...

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Italy reports the largest drop in beef production

In total, the EU beef production in the first 5 months of the year has dropped by 5% but Italy re...

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China's beef imports are up by 43%

Prices, however, diverge depending on the supplier's region.

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Taiwan turns to Paraguay for beef supplies

The South American nation has become the fourth-largest supplier of beef in the Taiwanese market ...

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India's beef exporters suffer losses of $668 million

Lockdown measures initiated in March have reduced the number of shipments to countries in SE Asia...

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China's beef imports have increased by 41.5%

Beef imports in March have reached a peak of 216,000 tonnes due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemi...

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Small decline in UK beef exports

UK beef trade continued to contract year-on-year during June.

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Tighter beef supply in Ireland

An increase in Irish beef supplies is expected in 12 to 18 months time, says AHDB analyst.

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Significant drop in exports for Aussie red meat sector

With only 88,000 tonnes of beef exported last month, Australia is back on 23% compared with July ...

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Beef consumption across Asia is expected to accelerate

Vietnam and Indonesia stand out as key import markets, with beef import volumes predicted to grow...

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