Hard times for meat lovers in Switzerland


The country has the highest prices for the meat in the whole world according to a recent survey.

Posted on May 07 ,07:01

Hard times for meat lovers in Switzerland

The most recent survey conducted by Caterwings in Germany revealed that Switzerland hs the highest prices for meat in the whole world, reports Le News.
The survey is comparing the meat prices in over 52 markets across the globe and Switzerland in on top of all the categories. On average, a meat consumer in Switzerland is paying 142% more than the average across all meat categories. Chicken is 222% more expensive in this country than the average price resulted from the survey. Next are lamb (+174%), beef (+149%), pork (+115%) and fish (+49%).
Nevertheless, the affordability measure included in the survey shows that a person on minimum wage has to work between 1:40 and 3:40 hours to cover the cost for a kilogram of meat.

Meat consumption in the country is placing Switzerland at the middle of the top (26) at 75 kilograms per person a year. The leaders are Australians that are eating 112 kilograms of meat per year while the lowest rate of meat consumption is reported in India (4 kg/year). From the neighbouring countries included in the survey, France has a 31% above average across all meats and Germany 10% higher.


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