ABF meat is making progress on German market

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Reinert and Danish Crown are partners in a project that could change the use of antibiotics in the pork industry.

Posted on Feb 07 ,13:58

ABF meat is making progress on German market

Reinert, one of Germany's biggest producers of cold cuts has announced that they are launching a range antibiotic-free (ABF) meat from Danish Crown.
This step it is seen as a breakthrough for ABF meat as the consumers look more interested in this type of products, mentioned Hans-Ewald Reinert, the company's CEO, at the International Green Week Berlin exhibition.
"Denmark and Danish Crown are leading the way when it comes to reducing the use of antibiotics. Our market surveys show that many German consumers are concerned about antibiotic resistance. We're therefore launching a range of cold cuts where the meat comes from pigs which have never been treated with antibiotics", explained Hans Reinert.

In 2014, Danish Crown launched a pilot project on the island of Bornholm in order to find out the extent to which it is possible to rear pigs without the use of antibiotics and without compromising animal welfare. In the first phase, 60% of pigs manage without being treated with antibiotics simply by changing a number of routines in the pig buildings.
In 2017, Danish Crown reported a number of 200,000 ABF pigs slaughtered, but selling all parts of the pig has been a challenge. From this perspective, the launch of a range of products based on raw materials from Danish Crown marks a breakthrough for ABF pig production.

By now, Denmark has reduced the use of antibiotics in pig production by more than 15% compared to 2013. Germany's antibiotics use is double what it is in Denmark. Reinert expects the new product range to hit the shelves in German supermarkets by early summer.

(Photo source: Westphalia)

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