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New shelf-life prediction tool can reduce food waste

The method was developed in Australia and could lead to a 10% reduction in ...

Midea launches RF FlashThawer at 2018 National Restaurant Association Showcase

New environmental strategy launched by Beef + Lamb New Zealand

Argentinian fishing company is counting on big sales this year

Hong Kong's top chefs are invited to Ireland

Ghana's poultry sector is collapsing due to low egg consumption





Fresh Food E-commerce is reshaping the Chinese retail sector

According to iResearch, in 2017 the approximate Gross Market Value of China’s fresh food e-comm...


Hard times for meat lovers in Switzerland

The country has the highest prices for the meat in the whole world according to a recent survey.


22 tons of sausages recalled from the US market

The product contaminated with foreign matter was delivered to retailers from six American states.


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