Belarus banned poultry imports from regions in China and Bulgaria

Safety & Legislation

Belarusian authorities have suspended the imports of poultry from regions in China and Bulgaria due to the bird flu outbreaks reported in those countries.

Posted on Oct 03 ,10:10

Belarus banned poultry imports from regions in China and Bulgaria

The Department of Veterinary and Food Supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food informed that the outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (AI) have occurred in the Guizhou province, China, and the Plovdiv region of Bulgaria.

Starting from October 3, temporary restrictions are imposed on the import of live poultry, hatching eggs, wild, zoo and circus animals, poultry meat, egg powder, melange, albumin and other food products from processing poultry from these regions , hunting trophies (game birds) and other products from these regions.

The department also announced in a statement that there is a need to take additional control measures to ensure the biological protection of poultry facilities of all forms of ownership.

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