Carnimad vows to reduce food waste in Madrid


Butchers in Spain are taking several initiatives to fight food waste and pollution.

Posted on Sep 28 ,09:03

Carnimad vows to reduce food waste in Madrid

Tomorrow, September 29, the International Day of Awareness on the Loss and Waste of food is celebrated worldwide, and the specialized meat trade and its professionals in Madrid, aware of the importance of responsible consumption and production, collaborate with the implementation of different projects that aim to reduce food waste, contributing with this gesture to the fight against hunger and climate change, announced their professional association Carnimad in a press release.
Different collaboration agreements have been signed, such as the one signed with the company Too Good To Go, which, through a free mobile App, allows professionals in the specialized meat trade to make daily packs of fresh produce that they have not sold that day available to consumers at a cheaper price, reducing with this action the food waste.
Also, shorter supply chains and marketing channels in meat trade are encouraged in order to reduce food waste with minimum handling of the product and the reduction of food storage and transport.
"As ambassadors that are of meat and derivatives, they advise their clients on the amount of product purchase based on their needs, offer information on the expiration or preferential consumption of the food they buy in their establishments, the best way to preserve them to their consumption and recommendations on different ways to take advantage of all the products they purchase. A way of doing business that differentiates the sector from other commercial formats and that has a direct reflection on the reduction of food waste," according to the association.
Along with those measures, since 2018, butcher shops in Madrid have eliminated up to 95% of light plastic bags, replacing them with other formats such as paper bags. And in addition, many of them have reduced the delivery of light bags to the consumer by 50%, according to a survey that the organization has carried out among its associates.

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