China sets mandatory checks for ASF virus in processing plants

Hygiene & Biosecurity

The controls will start in May and the measure will apply to all processing units in the country.

Posted on Apr 05 ,06:23

China sets mandatory checks for ASF virus in processing plants

China is increasing the measures adopted to stop the African Swine Fever virus to spread to the country. The minister of Agriculture announced that mandatory checks for ASF virus will be imposed to all pork processors handling raw pork from May 1.
The virus keeps spreading to the Chinese pig herd and, by now, 25% of the world's largest pig herd has been liquidated. It is believed that some of the outbreaks reported in the last couple of months have emerged due to meat coming from sick pigs processed in the country, as the virus have been often found in pork products recently. "Processors should be inspected and show certificates to demonstrate that purchased pig products, including imported meat, do not contain the virus", said the notice published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.
Three other countries in the area are confronted with ASF outbreaks, Vietnam, Mongolia and Cambodia. China has reported 116 outbreaks of African swine fever since the disease was first detected in August 2018.

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