China's imports of Australian meat are rising


In the first three months of 2019 Australian beef exports to China were up 67%.

Posted on Apr 16 ,02:55

China's imports of Australian meat are rising

China keeps pushing its imports of beef, lamb and mutton and Australian exporters are benefiting from this trend. According to Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) figures, in the first quarter of this year, beef exports to China were up 67% year-on-year compared to 11% across all markets.
Mutton exports were up 83%, compared to 19% across all markets and lamb exports were up 11%, against 12% across all markets. Lower-value leg cuts and manufacturing product are the best selling categories in China, according to MLA. "Knuckle exports were up 169% year-on-year, silverside up 92%, shin shank up 90% and 65CL up 50%. Mutton export growth was led by shoulder and carcase shipments", says the report.
Australia is not alone in the imported China meat market, with beef, in particular, becoming increasingly crowded-out by shipments from South America. New Zealand sheepmeat has also increased its presence in the market, with exports to China over the January-February period increasing 17% year-on-year and now accounting for 53% of shipments.

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