Fears amid bird flu cull 25 million head poultry in Iran

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The number represents almost 40% of the country's poultry population.

Posted on Feb 12 ,16:00

Fears amid bird flu cull 25 million head poultry in Iran

Iran authorities have decided to cull 25 million birds following the appearance of signs of H5N1 cases. The disease is transmissible to humans who get infected by the virus by eating infected poultry.

The H5N1 virus has killed 454 persons since 2003, according to data from World Health Organization (WHO). Fear of a bird flu outbreak has forced Iranian authorities to slaughter almost 40% of the country's poultry population, mentioned Nasir Nebipur, head of the Tehran Chicken and Egg Association, quoted by Turkish Anadolu Agency.

As a result, Iran faces now a dramatic decrease in egg production and it is forced to import every week 50 trucks of eggs from Turkey in order to respond to cover the domestic consumption. In September 2017, 100 million egg-laying hens have been infected with the deadly avian flu and the government has paid by now over 27.75 million dollars to cover the producers loses. Another payment of 18.50 million dollars for the chicken producers is going to be made in the following months, according to Iran Labour News Agency.

(Photo source: Flickr/USDA)

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