Garra International aims at quintupling its revenues in ten years


Two years after the merger of Brazilian KIT and New Zealander Garra, the new company is targeting $1 billion in revenue over the next decade.

Posted on Jul 27 ,06:25

Garra International aims at quintupling its revenues in ten years

Two years after the merger that brought together Brazilian KIT and New Zealander Garra, the joint venture presents itself to the market fully integrated, now under the brand Garra International. And with an ambitious plan: to fivefold its revenues as an animal protein trading company in ten years, from USD 200 million to USD 1 billion.
The company’s current numbers are already impressive. The new Garra trades 120 thousand tons of poultry, beef, lamb, and pork every year – selling to approximately 500 customers in more than 60 markets. And, to meet such demand, it has operations in ten countries, including Brazil, United States, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and New Zealand.
“We united a fully innovative company, with exponential growth, as KIT was, with all the tradition of quality and services that Garra had. Now, together, we can offer more services, in more countries, as well as other product options to our current customers and those to come”, says Frederico Kaefer, CEO of the company.
To achieve its growth target in the next decade, Garra International counts on a favorable global scenario. In 2021, the production of animal protein is expected to reach 346 million tons, the highest number in history, according to data from FAO – the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. By 2050, the consumption of these products should grow by 73% when compared to 2011.
This expansion is not only the result of population growth, but also an increase in income in developing countries. “China and India, for example, still have a low per capita consumption of meat. But these numbers have been expanding as their purchasing power increases, accompanied by a culture change in these countries”, says Kaefer.

The global production, however, does not grow at the same rate, generating opportunities for well-positioned companies. “It is a market with very high demand and many players. In a scenario like this, buyers are seeking relationships of trust, relevant connections, which allow them to find complete solutions in a single place. And today, we are ready to face this new moment”, says.
Garra acts as a facilitator on both ends of the business, for buyers (distributors and food processors) and suppliers. And it does that by narrowing bridges and shortening distances – its offices around the globe provide great proximity to customers and agility in solving problems.
This structure, combined with our expertise in foreign trade, allows our partners to concentrate on what matters: managing their business.
In addition, Garra offers customized financial solutions, so that everyone can buy or sell in the main markets around the world. One of the advantages offered to the supplier is the advance payment, made before the good is shipped. The customer, in its turn, can count on credit options and different payment conditions, including transactions in local currency.
“This search for alternatives that suit each client’s operation is a trend that we have been observing for years. With the pandemic, this movement has intensified – and we are ready to further expand our offer”, says the CEO.
As part of this new business phase, Garra has also invested in its professionalization. The company hired accomplished professionals in the protein market, who are now part of the management team. “We were looking for a more global vision and qualified managers to become part of our team”, says Kaefer.

Out of the five members of the company’s Board of Directors, three are independent. The CEO and the founder of the New Zealander company, Mr. Ali Mossalem, complete the list. “With the expertise of more than two decades in the market and a vast knowledge of our activity, Mr. Mossalem plays a very important role in Garra’s strategy in this new phase”, he says.

Garra is a trading company that combines expertise and an international network of contacts to create relevant connections between both ends of the chain of supplies of animal protein, i.e., buyers and suppliers. With 26 years of history, the company has operations in more than ten countries and customers in approximately 60 markets. Garra offers complete solutions, including customized financial conditions, to maximize the gains in each operation.

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