Israelis are leading the top of poultry meat eaters


In the next 8 years, the demand for chicken meat will grow in the developing world until poultry will account for 44% of the global meat consumption.

Posted on Feb 08 ,10:18

Israelis are leading the top of poultry meat eaters

Data released in OECD FAO Agricultural Outlook shows that Israel is the country where chicken meat is most consumed, with 58.2 kg per capita. Consumers in the U.S. come close to Israelis, with an annual consumption of 49.3 kg each, just a little bit more than Malaysians, who eat 48.3 kg of chicken meat each.
The top also includes: Australia (46.1 kg), Saudi Arabia (42.3 kg), Argentina (41.6), Brazil (40.7 kg), Chile (40.1 kg), South Africa (38.7 kg) and New Zealand (38.0 kg).
Looking across all meats, the outlook suggests that growth in demand will slow over its review period to 2027, but notes that growth will still continue across all regions, albeit at varying degrees, according to Wattagnet magazine.

By region, it is North America that consumes the most meat per capita and it will retain the top spot, followed by the European Union and, in third place, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Poultry meat consumption will increase regardless of region or income level. Per capita consumption will grow even in the developed world, but growth rates will be highest in the developing world and, of all the additional meat consumed over the next decade, poultry is expected to account for 44%.

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