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Oman is developing its own poultry farm as part of food security strategy

Homegrown food is the key to reduce imports in the GCC area as the nations are importing 90% of the food consumed.

Posted on May 15 ,12:03

Oman is developing its own poultry farm as part of food security strategy

Oman is developing different projects in order to reduce the Sultanate's dependence on the food imported, announced Saleh Al Shanfari, CEO of Oman Food Investment Company (OFIC), a state-owned organisation set up to develop food security projects in the country.
In the Persian Gulf area live about 45 million people but they only produce 10% of the food consumed, stressed Al Shanfari for Saalam Gateway.
"Oman has a long history with livestock, agriculture and fisheries, so we could meet the demand, and we could also fill many of the gaps that were present", he declared.
One of the biggest projects under development is Namma Poultry farm which will be located in the town of Ibri.
"This is a strategic move we have had with Al Saffa Poultry and financial investors. Locally, there is a demand for white meat, so we are developing a project to provide enough volume of quality halal white meat that guarantees freshness on our tables", said Al Shanfari.
The project is estimated at OMR100 million ($260 million) and it will be operational in 2019 according to the official.
In the meantime, the same amount of money will be invested in a dairy company for which Oman has already started the livestock imports from Australia, New Zealand, North America and Europe. The first batch of heifers is expected to be ddelivered in September.

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