Pork consumption in Nigeria and Ghana reached $3 billion


80% of the pork consumed in the two African markets is imported, according to the largest pig farming platform in Africa.

Posted on Aug 29 ,15:42

Pork consumption in Nigeria and Ghana reached $3 billion

Consumption value of pork in Nigeria and Ghana stands at $3 billion, according to data presented by Pork Money, the first and largest pig farming platform in Africa.
During a masterclass in Lagos, Nigeria, the Chief Operating Officer, Linda Obi explained the strategy that its company intends to put in practice in the region, reports Vanguard magazine.
According to her, the company is planning on localising pig farming through a partnership with individuals that come on board with a certain amount of capital and they gets about 35 percent in revenue, after 11 contracting period.
"Our objective is welcoming financial partnership from any interested persons around the world. Partners’ funds sponsor the purchase and breeding of pigs till maturation. The pigs are then processed, packaged and sold after 11 months. Partners earn between 20-35 percent returns on their capitals based on a plan of choice.
By localising pig farming, we not only retain commerce power within Africa, we also provide exporting capabilities from the African continent. Not to mention the opportunities it avail local farmers, retailers and wholesalers in growing their businesses and remaining self-sufficient, as well as the countless job opportunities", declared Obi.
She also mentioned the intention of buildina a processing unit in Nigeria to produce a variety of pork products for local consumption and exports.

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