Rolling cooking show in Denmark


An open food workshop today begins its journey around the Scandinavian country to revive the HoReCa sector.

Posted on Jul 02 ,08:28

Rolling cooking show in Denmark

The Danish government is starting an open food workshop which will roll to some important tourist destinations around the country in a bid to revive the hospitality industry. Over the next seven weeks, a mobile outdoor kitchen will visit a number of Danish cities across the country with a team of professional everyday chefs. They will assist holidaymakers in making delicious and light summer meals.
"It is first and foremost about giving people a good and fun dining experience during their holidays, but it is also about enhancing the Danes' cooking skills by inspiring them with concrete cooking tips and giving them a better understanding of raw materials," says Food Minister Mogens Jensen.
The initiative is part of the government's summer package, which was launched in late June, which aims, among other things, to strengthen local business and tourism. The tour is organized and held by the Food Culture, which is a self-governing institution under the Ministry of the Environment and Food. The first stop on the route was the Port of Svendborg, where the Minister of Food will cook with the summer guests on July 2 from 11 am to 12 pm.
The local ingredients and area-specific dishes will be at the center of the cooking shows, and the password for the initiative is that everyone should be able to participate.

"It's going to involve everything from home-cooked fish fridges with freshly caught fish on a harbour quay to summer desserts with lots of strawberries on one of the country's self-picking plantations," said Judith Kyst, director of Food Culture. In addition, Food Culture's food guides also move into the communal kitchen at a number of the country's campsites. Here, they will inspire you to make a good, tasty and healthy meal from scratch with the campers. Subsequently, there is communal dining for the families who have participated in the cooking. It will be possible to attend both for lunch and dinner. City location, where the food demonstrations are to be held, allows at least 20 people to be present.


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