Spain: The pig sector maintains its strenght in the international markets


Exports of the Spanish white-coated pig sector have grown in the first five months of 2022 in many of the world's most mature markets, demonstrating its global strength and the trust generated by its companies and products .

Posted on Aug 12 ,05:12

Spain: The pig sector maintains its strenght in the international markets

Thus, of the 20 countries to which Spain exports the largest volume of pork, 18 of them have grown in volume and value in the period January-May 2022. In some of the cases, the increases that have occurred are significant and reach three digits.

Deliveries to the Republic of China-Taiwan stands out mainly, a country to which 23,793 tons have been exported in the first five months of 2022, 230.5% more than in the volume exported in the same period of 2021. The value of these exports was of 61.3 million euros, 181.7% more.

Very notable growth has also occurred in other mature markets such as Poland (+100.6% in volume and 107% in value); Romania (+105.6% in volume and 96.4% in value); Hungary (+98.7% in volume and 103.8 in value); Japan (+95.8% in volume and 84.5% in value); and South Korea (+94.2% in volume and 53.6% in value).

The only decreases have occurred in Denmark and in China. On the other hand, a decrease In China was already expected due to the recovery of its pig herd affecteted by ASF, which began in the last third quarter of 2021.

Even so, China continues to lead the ranking of pork export destinations by volume, with 266,882 tons between January and May; followed by France, with 127,427 tons; Philippines , with 106,069; Italy, with 95,653; and Japan, with 91,524 tons.

China is also first in the ranking by value, with 528.9 million euros in the first five months of 2022; France is second with 340.2 million euros; Japan, third, with 336.1 million euros; South Korea, fourth, with 218.7 million euros; and the Philippines, fifth, with 185.5 million euros.

Daniel de Miguel, International Director of the Interprofesional INTERPORC highlights that "in a complicated international context such as this year's, continuing to grow in mature markets demonstrates the good work of Spanish pork companies and their ability to continue generating wealth and business for our country”.

Currently, more than 130 nations have opened their borders to Spanish white coat pork. A figure that demonstrates the confidence that this product generates to health authorities around the world.

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