Spanish pork gained 12 percent share of the meat market in Peru

The Spanish pig sector is a world leader that has gained market share in Peru in recent years. Indeed, since SENASA (Peru's National Health Service) recognized the equivalence system for inspection and control of pork meat and offal in Spain in November 2020, exports from that country have grown enormously. If that year there were barely 100 tons worth 1.2 million euros, in 2022 there were 1,708.46 tons worth 5.65 million euros.

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Spanish pork gained 12 percent share of the meat market in Peru

Today, Spain, with a 12% share, ranks fourth in countries that export pork to Peru after Chile (36%), Canada (26%), and the United States (12%).

It is an evolution in line with the one followed by Spanish pigs in the world in the last 25 years. In this period, it has undergone a profound transformation that has made it the third largest producer in the world and the second in the ranking of exports, only behind the US and by very little.

To achieve this, Spanish pig companies have become a model of modern farming. A condition that they have acquired from the implementation of the European production model, one of the strictest in the world, going even further with more demanding self-regulations than those imposed by the European law itself in matters as important to the consumer as animal well-being, in which Spain is today an international benchmark.

This has translated into products that guarantee the highest standards of health, food safety, quality and production certifications. Conditions highly appreciated internationally and that have led the health authorities of more than 111 countries, to which those of the European Union must be added, to open their borders to Spanish pork products to feed their population.

Very interesting conditions for the Peruvian market, which currently has a rate of consumption of pork products of 9 kilos per inhabitant per year, but whose expected evolution is around 15 kilos between 2025 and 2027, with regions that will even reach 20 kilos per inhabitant per year.

In addition, the communication campaigns on pork meat and production biosecurity have improved the knowledge of Peruvian consumers and reinforced their demands. For this reason, pork from Spain is seen as a very interesting option both for the present and for the immediate future, especially for products such as sausages or ham, which have a greater margin of growth since 94% of current exports from Spain correspond to meat, offal and bacon.

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