Thirteen countries have banned pork imports from Belgium

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Thirteen countries have imposed bans on the imports of pork and pork products from Belgium after the Belgian authorities detected ten cases of African swine fever disease in wild boars.

Posted on Sep 21 ,16:01

Thirteen countries have banned pork imports from Belgium

The Belgian meat federation, Febev, has announced that the countries that applied restrictions on Belgian pork shipments are South Korea, China, Taiwan, Belarus, Mexico, the Philippines, Japan, South Africa, Singapore, Uruguay, Australia and Malaysia, Brussels Times reports.

The authorities announced that the restrictions vary from country to country. Some countries have imposed bans only on gelatine products, while others have restricted the imports of living animals.

Until now, there have been no cases of ASF reported in any of the Belgian pig farms.

Michael Gore, CEO of Febev, said in a statement that non-EU countries have strict import regulations which require the country with which they have trade agreements to be free of African swine fever. Mr. Gore added that with these countries ”there is no margin for negotiations; the imports are suspended.”

As explained by Febev's CEO, the Belgian pork industry is negatively impacted by the recent import restrictions as 45% out of its total pork shipments to third countries finally reach the Chinese and South Korean markets.

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