Hygiene & Biosecurity


UK beef imports banned in the Philippines

Due to a case of classical Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), a suspension of live cattle an...

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ASF outbreak in Haiti

The disease has spread from the Dominican Republic to the other nation on the same islands.

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Germany prepares for 5 years of fight against ASF

The situation is different from what Belgium and the Czech Republic experienced, says one expert.

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60,000 pigs culled in the Dominican Republic

The ASF outbreak threatens the American region.

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EFSA extends ASF campaign

New countries in Europe have been added to the list where experts are going to explain to farmers...

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Mongolia reports FMD outbreak

7,600 animals and 85 herders were found sick in Central Mongolia, authorities say.

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Federal order issued to protect Puerto Rico from ASF

USDA's APHIS established a protection zone against African swine fever (ASF) around Puerto Rico a...

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Brazil halts beef exports to China due to BSE cases

Two cases of “atypical” bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in two separate domestic meat plan...

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ASF in Germany counts more than 2.000 cases

The virus seems to spread along the Polish border.

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Spain develops a project to control avian influenza

The 'INFLUOMA Project' will investigate the influence of microbiota on the susceptibility of bird...

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