Brazil is ready to launch pork exports to the Indian market


India has opened its market to Brazilian pork and pork by-products.

Posted on Oct 08 ,10:48

Brazil is ready to launch pork exports to the Indian market

"It is now up to the Brazilian private sector to work to make exports happen and the product to be well received by Indian consumers," said Blairo Maggi, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply.

The import duty rate for pork in India is 30%, with the exception of sausages which have an import duty rate of 100%, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAP).

Furthermore, apart from the import tax, the importer also pays a GST (equivalent to the ICMS) of 12%. But the pork imported by India does not compete with the local pork, that has a different consumer niche. So far, the main pork supplier to India has been Belgium.

Odilson Ribeiro e Silva, the secretary for International Relations of Map Agribusiness, highlighted the growth of Brazilian agribusiness exports to the country, which more than doubled (113.9%) between January and August of this year, compared to the same last year.

The president of the Brazilian Animal Protein Association (ABPA), Francisco Turra, welcomed the announcement made by MAP.

Mr. Turra said that the negotiations between Brazilians and Indians for the viability of pork exports were on the agenda of the two countries' trade relations for at least four years, following a request made by ABPA to the Brazilian Government.

India is one of the most ambitious markets for the world animal protein industry, explains Ricardo Santin, ABPA's executive director.

"With a growing per capita income, the country undergoes an intense process of urbanization, which generates the need to offer products and a natural migration of consumption, with a greater presence of animal proteins in the composition of the food basket. In this context, the Brazilian sector will seek to fill gaps not occupied by local producers, such as food service for hotels and other emerging market niches," he pointed out.

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